Strange Birds

Ok… I know its been quite some time since I’ve written.. but I just had to share because…. God is so awesome!!!

    Lastnight I had a dream I was at a club with friends.. trying my hardest to fit in. I had on clothes I wouldn’t normally wear (well not anymore lol) and felt so out of place! I really didnt think much of the dream and forgot all about it as I got ready for the day. So later at work…I was put in an Instant Message thread, unknowingly to a colleague I’ve never met before. While chatting about a work related issue, she referred to me as a “STRANGE BIRD”. I initially thought it was hilarious and responded by typing in a laughing emoticon. She quickly called to apologize and stated that what she should have said is that…. I am “QUIRKY”. She went on to to say .. “I mean you’ve gotten that before right, that you’re quirky?”
    It started to bother me a little bit…how was it possible, that a woman I’ve had very little interaction with, could gather that I was strange and quirky. Then the HOLY SPIRIT brought into my rememberance my dream and reminded me that, His people are called to be set apart.

    Its been 2 and half years since I became a new creation in Christ. When my spirtual eyes were opened.. I didnt want any parts of “NORMAL”! I didn’t care about having friends, socializing, dating, having what the world calls fun.. I just wanted God! Lately I’ve been trying to be “normal”. I’ve been wanting to get out and hang, even tried to date..but any attempt I’ve had at being normal, has been an EPIC fail. (For example: I got friend zoned by a fellow believer because I was abstinent ūüėā)

    So thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit! Today I was reminded that God didn’t design me to be “Normal”!! I’ve never “fit in”…..the people closest to me even think I’m weird. I feel out of place in most of my surroundings and social situations ..but God’s Word tells us that we as believers.. as His Chosen people .. we are “PECULIAR” (1 Peter 2:9).

    I know first hand the struggles of being IN this world BUT not of it. We will get tempted left and right, so if you are struggling with wanting to be normal, or being persecuted because you are chosen by GOD to be consecrated.. just know you are bringing honor to God by being obedient. Know that you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made in HIS IMAGE! We should never try to fit into the world or fit into anyones image of who they think we should be.

    Be exactly who God created you to be, quirky, strange, peculiar and all ūüėČ. I am now delighting in the fact that I am a STRANGE BIRD. And that others recognize the Dove (Holy Spirit) that resides in me as well.


    Journey to Salvation….Part 1

    One of the questions I get asked the most is , what made me change my life around,or how did I get saved? The short of things, is that HE changed ME. I would’t say I exactly sought after him, I had so many doubts and so many questions, but not once did I pick up my Bible to find out the answers. Not once did I sincerely cry out to God and ask him to show himself to me. I made myself believe that I wanted the truth but I only relied on my limited knowledge (2¬†Timothy¬†4:3)¬†. If we want the truth, then we must go to the source.¬†Jeremiah 29:13….¬† and now for the long of things…

    I grew up in Church, attending Sunday services, Bible study on Wednesday nights, I was a member in the children’s choir, participated in church plays ¬†and was even ¬†Baptized. Even with all this involvement, did I have a desire to seek, praise, worship and obey God. I’d have to say no to that. lol I barely knew who God was! Yeah I heard what the preacher was saying, but I definitely wasn’t listening, a lot of what was said went right over my head anyway, nothing resonated! I believe there was ( and is) a calling on my life. I was constantly attacked by the devil as a young child, I could sense evil spirits and was visited by them quite often in my sleep¬†(sleep paralysis is not a medical condition, its a demonic attack , there will ¬†be a post about how the devil attempts to attack us at a later date …. Ephesians¬†6:12)


    It wasn’t until a new Pastor bought and took over the church, Pastor Walter August Jr. I was around 14 at the time and things finally started to make sense to me, I actually started understanding what was being preached to me and one day in church, during praise and worship, I felt Gods spirit and tears began to flow. From that point, I developed a strong relationship with God. I would talk to him all day… about my struggles in school, my home life, everything! …..and then, the ways of the world got to me.. yep, ¬†I got a boyfriend. smh. At the age of 16 I lost my virginity and the guilt consumed my life. ¬†How could I possibly talk to God now? Hes so disappointed ¬†in me, no way I could come to God knowing that I’ve sinned. I ceased communication out of shame. This is EXACTLY what the devil wants! Instead of me being so ashamed of being disobedient and repenting¬†(John 12:4), I allowed it to make me avoid God all the way around.


    After living in sin, it becomes normal, the guilt begins to diminish and you no longer feel conviction about what you are doing wrong (Romans 7:5). Especially when, IT IS the norm! Who did I know that was practicing abstinence before marriage? No one around me was living for God. I knew nothing of soul ties ( 1 Corinthians 6:16-20) or that continuing to sin would block me from hearing from God ( Isaiah 59:2) and that surely I was only bringing eternal damnation unto my soul (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). I continued to live in this world, participating in the things that God hates ,  praying to God only when I went through many of the hardships  I endured, might I add, most of which  I caused myself! (You may read about my struggles in the previous post). My heart and intentions have always been pure, they were just not In God. He gives us free will, we may do as we please, even turning our back on him.

    If you have a desire to know the God, if you seek the Truth, there is only one way, and that is to develop a relationship with him. If you once had an established relationship with God and feel as if you have done too much to turn back to him, please do so before your heart is calloused and its all too late. We are without a doubt living in our last days, lets close the door to sin so that we may hear our Fathers voice when we cry out for him. Let him make you a new creation with a changed heart… Until Part 2.. Peace and Blessings!

    *** Please read the scriptures that go along with the text, you will get ¬†Biblical truth and deeper understanding ūüôā




    Most people know the exact date they gave their life to God, well I’m not so much of a , I remember the exact date, type of person. I don’t even remember the due dates of my children or their birth weight. Yeah, I’m that woman. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make their birth any less significant! The day they entered the world changed my life forever, just like the day he changed my heart and made me a new creature, forever(2 Corinthians 5:17). There were a couple of contributing factors that lead me to fully submitting my life(Romans 12:2 1 & John 2:17) over to the one that gave me life in the first place. We’ll get into those another time. But for now, lets see where my life was before I was SavedAJones. ūüôā



    Basically, I was a slave to sin( John 8:34), I allowed the enemy to come in and make me believe the only way to love was through sex. Due to the interactions I had with others, I subconsciously believed that in order to get affection, attention or anything else that was missing in my life, it would cost me sex. I was from relationship to relationship, ¬†two marriages, and when I wasn’t in a relationship, ¬†I was going on multiple dates a week sometimes. ..(lets be clear, dates do not equate to having sex)…I would also turn to alcohol getting to the point of drunkenness, ¬†because that is when I became “fun”, and let loose according to those around me…Basically I saw nothing wrong with premarital sex, or getting drunk with my friends. I just wanted love, like most women in the world, and there was never a shortage of men who claimed that they loved me.

    I had daddy issues, mommy issues, self-esteem issues, sexually and physically abused, you name it, I’ve been through it all just¬†about. Now, ¬†I could use all these things as a scapegoat as to why I had to be in the company of a man at all times, why I craved to feel loved, but I will not. It was due to a lack of having an intimate relationship with God. ¬†I let my quest for love ultimately lead me into being used by men for sex. I was trying to fill a void, only his love could( 1 John 4:9).


    I’m sure we have all heard this story before, some may even say, its cliche. But so many of our women and men are suffering from being a slave to sin, entangled in Jezebels (spiritual warfare is real my people Ephesians 6:12) ¬†web of seduction. Falling into the Devils deception¬†(Revelation 12:9) that,¬†hes made the world believe. We have gotten so far away from God, we actually believe making a man wait til the 5th date is really doing something! There is nothing sacred about marriage(Malachi 2:14-16), some women even pride themselves on being a side chick, booking info in bios, vacations in exchange for sex. I was just as lost, thinking I was living a moral life because I’d never engaged in the aforementioned things…. ¬†but I too, was causing God to grieve(Joel 2:13)!¬†

    Oh But God! I was transformed and felt a peace like never before. I no longer use men, sex, and alcohol to unsuccessfully fill voids in my life.I am now celibate and my curve game is extra tough! Of course, I have had some stumbling blocks along¬†the way, but when you become saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, a conviction so strong will come over you, it will not be hard to overcome those struggles! HE gives us strength, for we can not do it alone. ¬†I know some people may look at living for God as a mundane, monotonous life but trust me, once you get SAVED you realize you were a SLAVE for satan. Tuh! I wouldn’t go back to the world for NOTHING! You can keep the clubs and drunken stupors, one night stands and now hes calling you an Uber…. ¬†If you find your self in depression , seeking ¬†the pleasures of this world like money, career, ¬†fame, worldly ideas of success and happiness , but never satisfied … Give God a Try, he will never leave you, nor forsake you!